Success Stories

LH – After completing Deena’s program I went from being totally heartbroken from my ex breaking up with me, to meeting my soul mate within 2 months. Deena helped me to heal from the traumas of my past and develop a loving relationship with myself. I was able to see the light and shift my perspective. I would leave Deena sessions feeling totally at peace, lighter and free of worry. Deena has such a calming nature that you feel so relaxed in her presence. There was nothing I came to Deena with that she didn’t have a solution or technique for. I have so much confidence, my health has improved, people tell me I’m glowing and I now am in a happy relationship with my new partner. I don’t know where I would be without Deena. She is truly an Angel.


AB – Deena has helped me to overcome acne and achieve my desired goal weight. I have saved so much money, time and effort by seeing Deena. Her techniques really work and you feel the difference instantly.


KB – For years I struggled with acid re-flux and couldn’t leave the house without taking medication with me. I couldn’t eat or drink without being in pain afterwards. I was also so limited in what I could eat and drink. I did one breakthrough NLP technique with Deena and I couldn’t believe the results! My acid re-flux has completely gone, I now no longer have to carry medication around. I can eat and drink all the things I used to not be able to and I feel completely fine. Deena taught me how to communicate with my body and understand the psychological origins that caused my symptoms to be there. When she first explained this to me I admit I thought it was total bogus, but she proved me wrong. I advise everyone to have an open mind and to follow Deena’s instructions. Thank you Deena for healing me!


AL – I was suffering from severe anxiety, insecurity and especially separation anxiety from my partner. I used to get horrible thoughts and could’t understand why I felt so needy and was in constant need of reassurance. I was terrified of losing my partner and it didn’t matter how much reassurance he gave me, I felt totally out of control and couldn’t stop myself from feeling this way. I did one session with Deena and immediately felt the difference. I never expected to feel so good so quickly and to gain so much clarity. Deena really has a lifetime of experience and put my mind at ease so quickly. I soon understood that I wasn’t going mad and actually there is an explanation behind everything we do as we are always trying to fulfill a need. After completing Deena’s program, I am happy to say I am free of my worries and can lead a happier and more relaxed lifestyle and enjoy life with my partner. Things between my partner and I couldn’t be better and I owe this all to Deena.


BB – I was in a really bad way when I met Deena and was considering breaking up with my girlfriend. It was not something that I wanted but I couldn’t understand how to fix the relationship. I thought it was her that was the problem but actually it was me. Deena helped me transform my life through her NLP techniques. These techniques saved me and I am so glad I saw Deena before I took any other action. I am happy to say that after seeing Deena, she removed my blocks that were preventing me from being happy in my relationship and now I have realized that I want to marry her! Thank you Deena for everything you have done. You truly are a miracle worker!


HL – Deena helped me overcome my anger issues and stress levels. I now have better relationships not only with myself but everyone around me. I no longer feel anxious or quick to react. Deena helped me to clear everything blocking me and my inner turmoil subsided. Deena helped me to understand the importance of how I treat myself and that how I treat myself is how I treat others. There can be no peace unless we are first at peace with ourselves.


LO – Deena managed to help me heal and overcome a health symptom that I was told was incurable. I couldn’t believe it but everything Deena did with me worked. I owe Deena my life. I have definitely converted to the holistic healing approach and I would recommend anyone to Deena. She truly is able to help you overcome any problem you come to her with.