Surrey, Uk
Deena is a fantastic coach and I am forever grateful for her help. The aim of the sessions I had with her was to build my confidence and let go of negative emotions that held me back. We found the root causes of the problems, worked them through and I found peace with my self.  I came out of the life changing journey feeling much more confident, excited about my new goals, I have a totally changed thinking pattern and I am overall much happier. Thank you so much Deena.

London, Uk
I am a very difficult person to open up and feel comfortable sharing personal information. Deena has a special gift which allowed me to feel totally comfortable and secure. I felt I could completely trust her. I have never been able to open up to anyone before Deena. I had a lot of fears about making money and how to get business. Deena unblocked my limiting beliefs and immediately, I became free. I felt I could accomplish anything. She taught me how to find the power within myself and since then, my business is booming and I feel so much more at peace with myself. For someone who never wanted support from anyone, I recommend everyone to try it for themselves as I believe describing it, wont give her enough credit.  Best regards

Very patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly too!! Highly recommended!

Deena Sammakia is an incredible coach, who will help you find and create the best relationship with the world. I highly recommend her.

Excellent coach....recommended strongly

Deena is amazing! Working with her has completely changed my life for the better. I've suffered from anxiety and depression for a couple of years now. I had tried various things to help me but nothing ever worked. That's when I met Deena and started life coaching sessions with her. She really helped change my mindset and I started thinking more clearly. Now I can say that I never feel anxious anymore and my mood is more balanced overall. I feel so much more positive and happy! Thank you Deena, I am so grateful for you!

When I first met Deena I got great vibes and I knew she was going to be a great coach! I wasn't wrong either, she's an amazing coach, even better than I thought. I would definitely recommend! X

Excellent Coach! Highly recommend Deena!

I’ve had the privilege to be coached by Deena and my session with her was by far the most profound experience I’ve had. It was ground breaking and shifted my perspective on life. She helped me overcome a conflict I was struggling with my whole life. It was an issue that literally left me feeling torn for years. And when our session was done, I was so free. It’s the greatest and most liberating feeling. I will never forget that day. What I love most about her approach is she’s so compassionate but a lot of fun at the same time. She’s my happy anchor and the energy she exudes is healing in and of itself. She’s dedicated and determined to help you find the resources within yourself to grow.